Cactus and Flower


 newton rocha's BIOGRAPHY

Newton Rocha is a self-taught painter, born in 1968 at Recife, Pernambuco State, Brazil. Recife was built as a port city along tropical, white sand beaches lined up with palm trees, where coconut water and cactus flowers co-exist. This masterpiece of nature contradictions inspired Newton’s art as a translation of nature contrast in art form that synthesizes influences of Dali, Kandinsky, Miro and along with all his experiments and researches and creates an extemporaneous essence of art that belongs to artist himself.

He depicts distorted figures and extravagant colors melted in an abstraction that insinuates the facts of his surrounding reality; regional dreams and fantasies of familiar scenes, local characters and popular events.  Newton Rocha’s originality and creativity portraits the man and his roots, while at the same time projects him into the cosmos of the contemporary world with a strange mixture of strength and simplicity that makes his paintings alive with a sense of invasion in observer’s mind that confuses and resolves itself in definition. This complex ambiguity is the magic combination that best defines Newton Rocha and his art; A Man, The World and his Contradictions.



Cecília Grindley.



Newton Rocha currently lives in Brazil where he continues to expand and evolve artistically.




                           A timeline of his artistic career will shed more light to the artist.


- Selected in IMMIX - 2021 International Online Group Exhibition.

- Shortlist in LICC - 2020 - London International Creative Competition.


Honorable Mention in LICC - 2019 - London International Creative Competition.

- Selected for Finalist Award and Interview in Artist of the Year Award by Circle Foundation for the Arts.


- Selected to publish artwork in Spotlight Magazine via Circle Foundation for the Arts. Published in print and E-magazine at:


- Selected for LYNX International Prize of Contemporary Art 2019 4th Edition to exhibit his artwork in Museo Italia Arte in Turin, Italy. From 09/11 to 23/11/2019 and, Lokarjeva Galerija - Ajdovščina, Slovenia. From 30/11 to 14/12/2019.

2017 - 2018

- Won Biafarin Prestige Prize in 12th International Arte Laguna Art Prize in Venice, Italy.

-Selected for 2018 ArtPrize to exhibit his artwork in 10th International Art Prize on Muse Gr in Grand Rapids, MI, US.


2014 – 2016

- In Aug. 19, 2015, he was selected to be part of the Jury Panel for the Brazilian Federal Register on Rouanet Law by Brazil's Ministry of Culture. The panel review cultural projects and provides sponsorship access to selected cultural projects.

-In Feb. 02, 2016, he was selected in the final classification list by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture as PARCERISTA in Brazilian Federal Register.


2008 – Present

- Returned home in 2008 and realized that number of art galleries has decreased.

- Started a project of painting and developed a new project which resulted in opening of “NAGULA” art gallery.

- In 2010, “NAGULA” was opened in Recife as an art space,presenting workshops, a permanent exhibition of his works and a place for local artists to show their artworks.


2002 – 2007: A 5-year long travel in US

He held 9 solo and 7 group exhibitions along with 7 workshops during his travel in US.

July 2002 to Jan. 2003 – Hawaii:

- Started an art movement that resulted in first Brazilian contemporary art show sponsored by Honolulu mayor’s office of culture and the arts. The event was granted by the executive director, Sir Peter Radulovic.

During his stay in Hawaii, he was presented by Houge Gallery and had a solo exhibition in Coffee Factory and also participated in “Tea and Eros” event, represented by Cecilia Gridley.


Feb. 2003 to Oct. 2004 – Colorado:

- Invited to The Metropolitan State College of Denver by Courtney Jennings to lead 7 workshops. 

- Participated in 4 exhibitions, some of the exhibition was presented by Wendo Productions.


Nov. 2004 to Dec. 2007 – Florida:

- Held 7 solo exhibitions, presented by ARTSERV for one of them

- Joined 1 group exhibition


Dec. 1995 to Jun 2002

- Started a transition from oil to acrylic painting and at the same time focused on developing his personal mixed media technique;Assemblage Collage with materials such as tree bark, coconut fiber, sand,nails, etc.

- In 1998, he held his first solo show “Recycle Art”using his new technique, which continued with more exhibition using natural row materials that gave his art a unique characteristic.

- In 2002, his 4th solo show “Interlination”was the result of evolving his technique. He realized that by gluing strings on canvas, he could delineate implied sense figures and the experience. 

- By June 2002, he has had 15 exhibitions and later at the same year started his 5-year journey in US.


Jan. 1994 – Nov. 1995

- Teaching students in Metropolitan State School of Rio de Janeiro about How to Recycle Objects to Create Art.


Aug.1988 – Dec. 1993

- Spent most of his time in Recife in solitude, developing his paintings skills and technique through experimentation in various themes, styles and materials such as Charcoal, Dry and Oil Pastel, Watercolor, Enamel, Oil and Acrylic paint.



- Started his art career, following the footsteps of his brother, an accomplished painter.

-His first oil painting on wood was displayed in 1987. A surrealistic piece inspired by Salvador Dali.

Newton Rocha